Transportation Accounting and Safety Services

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Accounting & Business Consulting LLC is a Arlington Heights, IL accounting firm that assists owner operators, over-the-road commercial truckers, and small to mid-sized trucking companies with their transportation accounting and tax needs. We employ proven tax and financial strategies that are a result of years of experience working with clients in the trucking industry. We offer bookkeeping, payroll, financial statements, tax planning, and much more. With our support you'll refine internal controls, eliminate unnecessary, and keep more of your profits.

Tax preparation for truckers and the trucking industry is more complicated than the average tax return. When you work with us you'll be confident that you're taking advantage of all possible deductions. We stay on top of any changes in the tax code and how they impact your industry. We'll not only make sure you're in compliance with all applicable tax regulations, but with Accounting & Business Consulting LLC in your corner, you'll never pay more than you owe.

Accounting and Tax Services for Transportation Businesses

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Safety will include the following services:

  • Apply for Your Federal DOT and Motor Carrier Authority Numbers.
  • Complete Your Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)
  • Get an International Registration Plan (IRP) Tag
  • Understand Heavy Use Tax Regulations and file your forms
  • Obtain an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Decal
  • File a BOC-3 Form

For a low cost per unit/ driver, ABC Consulting will handle your DOT compliance needs by letting you participate in a “shared safety department” arrangement, and we will provide following services:

  • Perform all DOT required filings for the company and represent your company during DOT audit events. We handle all the filings that need to be made automatically for the company without the hassle of having to remember when each is due.
  • Act as your company's principal place of business for safety records. We will maintain all DOT required records at our facility so that DOT audits take place here at our office without presenting a disruption to your business. This service keeps DOT auditors in a controlled and limited environment where they can't dig through every single document you might have there at your office. The service allows us to coordinate and handle the audit for you and ensures that your company is assigned the best DOT safety rating possible. We find that the chances of fines are also significantly reduced.
  • Establish and maintain Driver Qualification Files for the company. Under our arrangement, once you decide to hire a driver, we make sure that all the documentation to support the driver's qualification is obtained.

To complete this process, Accounting & Business Consulting LLC will:

  • Establish a complete driver qualification file for each driver.
  • Run motor vehicle records for the company if necessary at the time of hire and annually thereafter automatically.
  • Complete all necessary previous employment verifications for the drivers within the required timeframe, documenting all attempts and information gathered.
  • Verify that each driver meets the DOT physical qualification standards on an ongoing basis, including the coordination of DOT physical exams completed by certified personnel
  • Assist in the annual driver evaluation process including the annual driver's driving record review, the listing of violations, and MVR process.
  • Ensure that the company has current and up to date driver qualification forms each time the applicable regulations change.
  • Track all expiring documents in the driver file to issue reminders ahead of time
  • Coordinate and facilitate post-accident drug and alcohol testing programs 24 hours a day.
  • Coordinate pre-employment drug testing
  • Handling DOT audit events (and any related items) as they occur.
  • Track and maintain copies of the annual inspections for all trucks in the fleet
  • Remind the company when current inspections are due for renewal
  • Document and follow up on proof of repair for vehicle deficiencies indicated by the driver on this daily vehicle inspection report
  • Run periodic DOT carrier profile reports to track on-road performance for the fleet overall
  • Verify that out of service vehicles do not operate until repairs are completed and documented
  • Establish a system to record repair items for vehicle deficiencies discovered during roadside inspections.